Core I.T. strives to be the one resource that managers call for staffing solutions and services.
As your business grows, technology changes and your I.T. & Operations staffing needs change as well. Some needs can be met by short-term support while others require longer-term or full-time solutions.

Core I.T. – with our deep pool of candidates from many technical disciplines and a wide range of contract options — offers flexibility. In such a rapidly changing business world, flexibility is a distinct business advantage.

Choosing which consulting services firm you can rely on is an important decision. Core I.T. is a firm that gives you access to the worlds most talented I.T. professionals. Core I.T. is a leading provider of high value, information technology consulting services to large and medium sized companies. 

Core I.T. tailors its approach to each client.  We develop and deliver a strategic staffing partnership that adds value in the following areas:

  • A strong recruiting presence: We have an experienced-based understanding of the local marketplace, deep relationships, and a capability of finding the most qualified candidates in your areas of need.

  • Managing Costs: Our unique business model enables us to provide highly competitive pricing, while leveraging the back office and support staff of a larger management consulting firm. This means that we can offer the best prices in the market and we deliver what we promise.
  • A forward-thinking, proactive approach:  Core I.T. does not work on client requirements reactively. In fact, we’re usually working on your requirements before you even have them. We continually identify upcoming needs by working with your managers and decision makers and building a pipeline of candidates that complement your company’s culture.

"I take the responsibility for tailoring staffing solutions for my clients very seriously.  I’ve been a recruiter for over 20 years.  The recruiting profession is very challenging but with that said I love what I do.  It’s tremendously rewarding to connect someone with the right opportunity or build a cohesive team for a newer firm that’s growing.  With a detailed knowledge of the local and national recruiting markets and a proven ability to develop top-secret recruiting techniques, sales and performance paradigms, I have successfully staffed major projects at all levels for corporations."

Corey's career has been in developing and leading the contingent workforce industry for over 20 years.   An Executive Recruiter, Corey's commitment to client services has catapulted Core I.T. Solutions, Inc. into a premier go-to firm for high end talent.  Corey oversees strategic direction and market development.